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Home Automation

Life moves fast and its easy to forget things like turning off a light or locking your front door. Wouldn’t it be nice to leave your home and not worry?

Well now you can.

A home automation system can provide the security and control you need, giving you more time for what matters most.

What is Home Automation?

Home automation makes operating important functions at your house easy. With smart home design, you can control lightingwindow blindshome theatre systemsdoor lockssecurity and surveillance systems and more, from wherever you are all with your laptop, tablet, or cell phone.

Afraid you left your doors unlocked?

With a home automation system, you can easily lock and secure your home using your laptop.

Expecting a package delivery?

With smart home automation you can check your front door cameras confirming its arrival. You can also view security and surveillance around your home any time of day or night.

Don’t like coming home to a dark house?

Using your cell phone, you can turn your lights on during your drive home with this system.

You can even vacuum your floors while you’re at work with a Central vacuum system.  

No matter where you are, home automation gives you access to the systems in your house.

How does it all work?

Home automation connects all the smart devices in your home to a common hub which can be controlled remotely via the Internet. Each device has sensors and is connected through Wi-Fi, allowing you to operate them from your smartphone, computer, or tablet whether you’re in your backyard, at the office or away on vacation. No matter where you are, you can easily access the devices in your home. Its easy to make changes to any of your settings, and the system monitors usage allowing you to pinpoint ways to save.

Benefits of Home Automation

  • Access – Gives you constant and easy control over the systems in your home through your smartphone, laptop, or tablet.
  • Convenience – Program your system to suit your schedule. Turn lights on in the living room just before you arrive home from work and lower the heat during the hours no one is at home. If your plans change you can easily reprogram the system and control the devices remotely.
  • Safety – Never worry about unlocked doors or home security again. The system allows you to remotely program the security features in your home.
  • Savings – Through remote access you can turn off lights, entertainment systems, or lower temperatures at your home decreasing energy costs. The system allows you to review your energy usage and spot areas where you could conserve.

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