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Smart Home Lighting/Smart Switches

Considering making your house a smart home?

Smart lighting is a great place to start. Its economical and provides the convenience and safety features you need.

How often have you left home and couldn’t remember if you turned off the light in your kitchen, or been anxious about coming home to a dark house?

With smart lighting you never have to be concerned again. You can control the lighting in your home remotely through an easy to use app on your smartphone or tablet. Smart lighting offers you the control and peace of mind you desire

Using your smartphone, you can turn on outside flood lights or interior lights from a restaurant, from your child’s soccer game, or as you pull into the driveway. You can set your lights on auto timer to go on at sunrise and off at sunset, or when you leave for work and return home.

You can also use digital assistants like Alexa or Echo to switch your lights on or off. You can even set up a geofence which automatically turns the lights on when you get home or off when you leave. There are so many ways to customize and personalize smart lighting to fit your needs.

Money Saving Advantage

In addition to security and convenience, smart lighting can help you save 10% or more on your utility bills by automating your lighting. The various features of smart lighting -remote control and access, automated timers, motion detectors, and smart light bulbs – are all designed with energy efficiency in mind. The system can also help you manage and improve your energy usage by providing monthly reports.

Smart Switches Make It Work

Smart switches are an important part of smart lighting and are an economical way to turn any home into a smart home. Just like traditional wall switches, smart switches turn lights on and off, however they are linked to a cloud allowing you to access and control them remotely from your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

LEC Services Can Make Your Home Smart

Smart lighting is more than just controlling the lamp in your living room. With all the options and systems available it can be overwhelming. Everyone’s home is different, and their own personal situation requires unique solutions. The experts at LEC Services can help evaluate your needs and design a plan that’s perfect for you. Call us for a free consultation, today.

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