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TV Hanging and Setup

Smart TV Installation

So, you’ve purchased a new smart TV. Now what?

Installing and configuring a smart TV can be complicated and frustrating. LEC Services provides expert installation and mounting of flat panel TVs both inside your home and in outdoor living spaces.

If simple installation is all you need, LEC Service can do that, but their experts can also connect all your components such as Blu-Ray players and cable or satellite boxes with high definition video cables to improve picture and sound quality. They can also help you determine the best spot to locate your new TV and whether wall mounting is your best option.

No one wants to see cords and wires hanging everywhere. The pros at LEC Services can locate components and wires out of the way for a clean appearance.

TV Set-Up

If you’re having trouble configuring your new smart TV you’re not alone. Today’s smart TVs allow you to access thousands of TV, movie, and music channels, browse the web, game and even access media content from your computer. This makes set-up complicated.

How do you connect to your router, Ethernet, or Wi-Fi network?

What set up preferences should you choose?

Which programs are compatible?

LEC Services can help answer these questions and more. They can configure your smart TV making it convenient for you to access all your favorite shows, music, and games. Call LEC Services for a free consultation.

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